Famous Cookies Shops in London

Really, it does not matter whether you are 6 years old or 60 years old, everyone loves to eat cookies. It has some special place in our kitchen because the older people like to eat them with their tea and kids have them as a snack.

Interestingly, cookies have some different meanings and names according to the places. In the Asian countries people call them “biscuits” and the term “cookies” is used in western countries. But the taste of these products remain the same. But people say that biscuits are a little harder than the cookies.

Cookies are among the most famous snacks in London. You can easily find bakeries all over the areas and each bakery has its own speciality to offer. So let’s check out some best bakers of London that produce the finest cookies.


Image result for MILLIE’S COOKIES

This is the only bakery, which has a series of shops across the United Kingdom and offers the best cookies. And the amazing part is, this bakery has started its business from Selfridge food court. It has numerous varieties to offer, from chocolate chip to cookie pop, coconut cookie to giant cookies.


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This bakery was started by the two New Yorkers. And now it is giving the best cookies in London. They have some exquisite cookies to offer, including chocolate snickerdoodles, delicious apricot white chocolate, brownie chunk and also the oatmeal sour cherry.


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This bakery offers a unique combination of cookie sandwiches with icing. People say that if you want to eat healthier, then Ms. Cupcake is made for you. It offers delicious varieties of cookies to make your day a great one.


Image result for BEN’S COOKIES

Ben’s cookies are one of the best cookie shops in London. It has the speciality in chocolate cookies, and is widely famous for its chunk.

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