The Main Botanical Garden of Kazakhstan will be Restored by Sponsors

The charity foundation of Mr. Utemuratov will take an active part in the reconstruction of the Main Botanical Garden in Almaty. It is assumed that the foundation will allocate about $ 15 million for this social project.
The decision to create a unique protected reserve, intended also for scientific research, was taken in the 1930s. Over the next 60 years, the Almaty Botanic Garden (its present name was given in 1965), the area of which originally was 108 hectares, was actively developing. On its basis, the soil-botanical institute and nine laboratories for the cultivation and protection of crops were established. The botanical garden staff managed to build a collection of rare, including endangered, plants not only in Kazakhstan, but also from European countries, East Asia and North America.

At the beginning of XXI century, the garden was threatened with destruction, but thanks to the status of the protected area, obtained in 2006, it was preserved. Nowadays the main botanical garden of Kazakhstan needs serious renovation – the last time it was reconstructed in the 1950s, and since then “the lungs of the city”, as the townspeople call this oasis, was not given proper attention. The funds allocated from the state budget, according to the executive staff of the Almaty oasis, are barely enough only for the maintenance of the reserve and its obsolete infrastructure, modernization requires more funds. Bulat Utemuratov promised his patronage to the botanical garden. Controlled by one of the most influential businessman of Kazakhstan, the investment group of companies Verny Capital has already presented the concept of the forthcoming reconstruction.

Preliminary master plan of garden modernization is coordinated with the management of reserve, and the final reconstruction project is promised to be prepared by September 2018. It is assumed that all planned work related to the improvement of the reserve’s infrastructure will take up to two years. National biologists, architects and landscapes designers, as well as specialists from Portugal, Poland, Russia will be helping to renovate the main republican garden. Representatives of Utemuratov charity foundation during the discussion of the project with the public promised to ensure maximum transparency. Tracking the work on the reconstruction of the botanical garden will be possible during quarterly press tours.

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