Search Engine Optimization: Where to start from?

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is considered to be the process to impact website ranking on the search engine results for any specific keyword. This is to derive organic visibility. The major search engines when combined tend to receive 6.5 billion+ searches on any given day, with Google alone contributing about 4.5+ billion searches. Therefore, a good SEO is sure to provide huge benefits, ranging from increasing conversion possibility to site ranking in keyword searches.

Creating good SEO is sure to come with several obstacles, with the biggest being how websites are ranked by search engines, something unknown to everyone. Google for instance, is said to use an algorithm that involves 200+ factors for determining website rankings for specific search. Still Google will not release any kind of information on the different factors. However, it is only via persistent testing and efforts that the professional web designers and seo services in ambala have come up with few factors which can be included in the research and website to provide the desired results.

Market knowledge

The target market should be better understood along with the potential keywords that are likely to be keyed in by the visitors. The online software can offer breakdown of traffic volume for different types of keywords related to the business and also produce difficulty scale for beating competitors for such keyword search results. However, it is crucial to target the correct keywords.

Excellent user experience

The latest buzzword among major search engines is providing enhanced research and accurate information to its visitors. UI definitely does play a major role in better rankings of the websites. Good user experience should be developed in almost every aspect related to user process. It is to include site quality (images, links, contents, etc.). By ensuring providing of positive experience for every user along with new relevant knowledge, the search engines are sure to mark it as the website’s positive aspects and will rank it much higher.

Site speed

This is another aspect that is given topmost importance by the professional seo services india, when optimizing client websites. Quick loading time of the site combined with better and effortless user interaction and navigability feature is what describes enhanced ‘User Experience’. The site should run at optimal speed. Slower sites are sure to rank much lower as Google produces positive correlation between time duration for site loading and users not interested to wait! Therefore, with some small alteration made to the site structure, content volume and image optimization is sure to affect dramatically the site speed.

Keyword usage

Keyword volume is stated to be a controversial subject. Research conducted by few design experts has found that keyword volume present in the website text tends to affect its ranking. It also showed that the keyword that is used 2.4% times approximately on the webpage is found to be more effective and needs to be highlighted. But there are other designers who are of the opinion that keyword volume not having correlation with SEO; hence, the focus is to be on content quality.

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