A Thorough Outlook on the Potential of Wikipedia for Marketing


Being around for more than a decade, the power Wikipedia currently upholds can simply not be overlooked. While it is a free collaborative and informative platform with the liberty to let anyone add or edit content, one should know that securing a spot on the site is not that simple. Most renowned brands and individuals already have a Wikipedia page and they might have not even paid to get an article but that is not the case with everyone.

Several businesses and individuals exist that are notable but still do not have a wiki page. Some even pay professional writers and editors to curate the content for their profiles. Not everyone is able to build a presence on Wikipedia as the guidelines and policies of the platform only shortlist the most authentic and credible ones.

To have a position on Wikipedia, your outlook on it should not be solely related to marketing. Wikipedia does not encourage blatant promotions as the moderators have rejected thousands of pages solely because the content had a promotional tone and advertising links.

Before you proceed to make your page by yourself or opt for the option of working with a Wikipedia writing agency, you should be well versed about certain rules, guidelines, and policies. For a steady approval of your page on Wikipedia, here is everything that you need to know.

Securing a place on Wikipedia

Since Wikipedia is an open source platform, most people tend to think that anyone could get a page on the website. It does sound simple but in reality, it is not. There are several examples of companies and individuals who have faced a difficult time in having a dedicated Wikipedia page.

Pages and articles tend to be deleted if the content does not comply with the guidelines. That is why people would be seen searching for a Wikipedia page creation service Delhi based or freelance writers for their profiles or articles. A lot of effort is exerted into getting a page solely for yourself or your company therefore, we have compiled a list of steps that one should follow before proceeding to write a Wikipedia page.

  1. Choose a topic that is not covered

Firstly, you would need to check if your brand name or company already exists on Wikipedia. If it did then you would have been aware of it but it still a step that should not be ignored. Your company name could be mentioned as a reference in any article since Wikipedia contains millions of articles already so you never know where you could find a small mention. Now comes the phase of choosing a topic. Since Wikipedia guidelines suggest the topic should be unique so thoroughly search the platform and then choose a subject that is not present there.

  1. Get direct assistance from Wikipedia

In case of any queries, you could always consult it with a professional Wikipedia writer. However, professional writers and editors are not always easy to find and some even charge a fee. Since Wikipedia has countless of articles, you can go through some of the well-written pages and analyze how the content has been written and formulated. You could even reach out to the support team at Wikipedia and ask them if you have any confusion regarding the policies set by Wikipedia.

  1. Collaborate in the community

Wikipedia also has a discussion page that can be fully utilized. If you open a wiki article then you must have seen the discussion platform present on every page. This option allows people in the community having similar preferences to communicate, collaborate and share ideas. You could even add relevant links or resources in the discussion page. It is a great option if you are seeking advice or opinions directly from the users present on the page.

  1. Make sure to add relevant links

To have a credible presence, you would need to cite genuine resources or links from third-party websites. All these sources should be from platforms and media coverages that are about you or your company. Adding every credible link or source about you in a Wikipedia article allows you to form a presence that is not doubtful to the community. These links in your article could be about you directly or indirect coverages that are authentic.

  1. Marketing through external media outlets

Taking advantage of the press for gaining recognition is a great idea. It is essential to get in touch with media coverage platforms for marketing purposes. Once these platforms have covered your name or your company in authentic sources then the same coverages could be used as genuine citations or references in your Wikipedia article. This, in turn, allows you to be notable among the masses and then lead yourself to gain the presence you are looking for on Wikipedia.

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