What Is Modern Islamic Art

Islamic Art

What is modern Islamic wall art for sale? It is, as the name suggests, a relatively new category in the world of Muslim wall art.

Let us first understand what exactly is modern Islamic art. It is the application of modern computer technology to create, modify and print Islamic calligraphy art. In traditional Islamic art, a verse or chapter from the Glorious Quran would be stitched with golden thread on black fabric, mostly velvet or silk. The combination of colors comes from the hues of the fabric that covers the Kaaba in Masjid Al Haram in Makkah, towards which the devout face while performing their prayers. The fabric that covers the Kaaba is black, and has a golden band of calligraphy around it.

It would not be uncommon to find in Muslim homes Islamic calligraphy stitched with golden thread on a black fabric, typically velvet or silk.

The other type of classical Islamic wall artis the vivid wall rugs mostly crafted in Turkey or Iran or South Asia. These carpets are quite ornate with varied hues, motifs and borders. In the middle of the carpet is a small chapter or verse from the Holy Quran stitched in calligraphic style.

Modern Islamic wall art, on the other hand, is the creation of Islamic calligraphy art using digital technologies and new materials such as wall decals, canvas prints, stainless steel frames, glass souvienirs and the like.

Wall decals are the most popular. Composed of vinyl, the decals are stickers that can be easily pasted on walls. The focus is only on the calligraphy, without the distraction of decorative elements or backgrounds. Many Islamic wall stickers also come with English translations.The English text is in a stylish font too, and is placed adjacent to the Arabic text. Some decals only have English text, without the original Arabic verse. This is noticeable, as eighty percent of the world’s Muslims are non-Arabs, and probably they want to understand and feel inspired by reading the meanings of the Arabic verses.

Another popular category is giclee or digital prints. Original Islamic paintings or digitally coloured, edited and enhanced handwritten Islamic calligraphy can now be printed on any surface – from canvas and matte sheets to photographic papers and even leather. A significant aspect of Islamic art prints is use of colours. Traditionally, Islamic calligraphy is black and white. But computer software allows one to add colours to them, and render them printable in any size.

The latest trend in Muslim wall frames thoughis the innovation of stainless steel frames. In this type of emerging modern Islamic wall art for sale, a stainless steel frame is cut, with the help of a machine, to the size and shape of the Arabic text. Stainless steel frames have a minimialist yet grand appeal. They can be directly fixed to the wall, and can be highlighted by placing a light source behind them. They indeed have a very new look. Indeed, it is interesting to note the new ideas in this category of Islamic wall art.

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