Things to Expect In Terms Of Pregnancy Care

Depression treatment in pregnancy

As far as the third month of pregnancy evolves it is between 9th to 12thweeks of pregnancy. In simple ways you are done and dusted with your first trimester which is an achievement in itself. Still there is a long distance to travel and if you want the journey to be smooth you are looking at an option of pre natal check -ups. This would start of in the third month and continue till the end of pregnancy. You need to figure out the changes during pregnancy and the reasons why such changes take place. The changes do have a positive impact on the development of a baby.

Depression treatment in pregnancy is something that cannot be ignored. Women face up to these unexpected symptoms where emotional triggers occur. Always opt for the best treatment for depression while pregnant as it will nip the problem in the bud itself. Let us now observe some of the symptoms that might emerge during the third month of pregnancy

Morning sickness

Once you touch the third month of pregnancy nausea along with morning sickness would be at its peak. Once you touch the end of the month it will come down as most women get over the symptom of nausea by the end of the first trimester


Once pregnant, changes in levels of hormone might make you feel a lot stressed and tired. As the body does require extra supply of blood to nourish the nutrients it does take a toll on your blood sugar levels making you a lot prone to fatigue and tiredness.

Frequent urination

There is a tendency to frequently urinate as the body goes on to produce more amount of HCG hormone. Pressure on the kidneys is put if increase in blood volume is witnessed. Since the growing uterus puts pressure on your abdomen there is an obvious tendency to pee more.


Increase in the levels of hormone could slow down the process of digestion which could also be one of the reasons for constipation.

Leg cramps

You might witness a sudden bout of leg cramps during the nights. The main reason could be an increase in the levels of iron and potassium when pregnant.  A gentle degree of exercise involving your legs would solve the problem.

Mood swings

It is obvious that mood swings are part and parcel of the phase of pregnancy. All this can be attributed due to the changes that occur in your body during this tenure. For some women they might turn out to be peaceful whereas in case of others it can be more of an emotional roller coaster ride.

Abdominal pain and backache

Back pain is accompanied by a lot of hormonal changes that take place in your body. The uterus is at a growing phase that puts a lot of stress on your abdomen ensuring that you feel pain in the lower abdomen. Stretching along with low impact exercise will help you to reduce pain.

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