Top Tips To Keeping Young Ones Engaged


If we have kids who are either autistic, have been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome or have difficulty in learning or social communication, then there are schools such as special schools Cheshire that take care of all their needs. These schools in Cheshire admit our children ageing from 4 to 11 years of age and receive access to NHS commissioned speech and language therapy along with physiotherapy and occupational therapy. As caregivers, we know how limited their attention span is and how difficult it is to keep our special ones engaged. These schools make sure that all these needs are tailored to meet the demands of each child since they understand how different each child is and so are their needs. These schools have come up with innovative plans to keep our little ones engaged and gradually increase their attention span. Here we will look at a few of these and understand how they are important in carving out the personality of our children.

  • Firstly, schools such as special schools Cheshire make sure that their classrooms are small and do not comprise of more than 7 students with one teacher and teaching assistant depending on the needs of our children. Hence, with this low teacher to student ratio, our child is invested in what he is doing and the teacher can have an eye on what our child is up to. The staff at these schools are trained and experienced in working with children with autism and other behavioural difficulties.

  • Secondly, to keep our children engaged these special schools to provide a plethora of additional therapies whenever appropriate. Music therapy cognitive behaviour therapy, talk draw therapy, Lego Build2 Express, and other kinds of therapy to help dyslexic kids keep our children engaged and attentive.

  • To ensure that our children are learning constantly, these schools emphasise a lot on physical activities. Apart from physical education sessions, these schools also use outdoor play areas and indoors where our children can swim, ride horses, trampoline, play football and other sports. All this is done is to make sure that children who have sensory impairments are taken care of and depending on what they need, our children are given the support they so deserve. All of this keeps them invested in what they are doing and keep them engaged.

These schools such as special schools Cheshire understand the need of our children who are specially abled and work on them understanding their individual requirements. Apart from all this, our children take part in independence and community participation visits that keep them wholly engaged and gives a boost to their attention span. These schools are also connected with other mainstream primary schools where other children see incorporated in the classrooms for integration programmes.

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