Feed Yourself with Confidence for a Better Performance

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There are many dedicated people in India who have the calibre, talent, will and determination but what they lack is confidence. It is apparently true that in the absence of confidence, nobody can perform well. No matter how genius you are; if you have a lacking confidence; you might end up in a doom.

Whether you will go for ssc apply online, going to appear for a government job or have an interview for job; what you have to possess is confidence. If you have a good confidence, you can easily drag yourself through tough times. Exam or interview time is never been easy for anybody but the ones who have confidence; tackle it all with a smile and less stress. You need to work on your confidence level. If you have the confidence that you would perform well, you definitely will. What is the point if you have worked so hard and have even burnt the midnight oil to get into a specific government job but at the time of examination you are clueless because of your smidgen confidence? So, you need to work on your confidence and for that the following points are apt for you.

Visualise yourself

Visualization is a powerful technique of seeing a picture of yourself that you are proud of, in your mind. When a person struggles with low self-confidence, he or she has a poor perception of themselves that is often mistaken. It would be good if you practice visualizing a great version of yourself, attaining your goals. For example, if you are going to sit in an interview, go ahead and visualise yourself being prepared for the interview. Such a process would give you confidence from within. When your hard work mingles with your visualisation, things turn out to be rosy for you.

Do it every day

If you are scared of anything, make sure that you do it as often as you can. The finest way to overcome your fear is to face it direct. By doing something that really frights you daily and gaining confidence from every experience, you would definitely see your self-confidence fly. So, it is the time to get out of your comfort areas and face the fears. For example, if you hesitate to talk to strangers, make sure that you communicate with a new person as often as you can. In this way, you can rock the interview with your confidence. There would be no fear of facing the unfamiliar faces in the interview.

Don’t criticise yourself

It has been seen that most of the people keep on criticizing themselves. It might interest you that some of the severest comments that you get come from yourself, through the “voice of inner critic.” In case you struggle with low self-confidence, there is every possibility that your inner critic has turned out to be overactive and wrong. The point here is to prove your inner critic wrong. If you think that you are not a good dancer, ask yourself really? Ask for the evidence and such a false perception of yours towards you would disappear.

So, even if you are expecting your sarkari result after a good performance in the test, and you are thinking that you won’t be able to make it this time; shut up. Go ahead and visualise yourself as being successful at it. These discussed points would definitely make you more confident about yourself and your efforts.


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