Relevance of Python in India

embracing Python data science
embracing Python data science

In order to judge any language or technology we usually take a look at its profile in the Silicon Valley. Python is ruling the Silicon Valley, being heavily used by Google, YouTube, Dropbox, Linux and other giants. India may be a different context and the use of Python on a large scale may still be a new concept, but its relevance is ever increasing.

Growing popularity

Back in 2015 Python was 4th on the list of programming languages in India. Within two years it is right on top. The analytics fraternity is definitely in love with this language and funnily enough it is also among the most popular languages among general purpose programmers.

Its utility is probably its best feature.

A great starter for beginners

If you are new to coding then Python may be your best friends in the initial days.

  • It is easy to learn and easy to apply.
  • It requires lesser amount of code than Java or C++
  • One can be really creative with Python

A favorite for Startups

Python is an open source platform. It costs no or little money and can keep the analytical needs served. One does not need to worry about keeping up with the world because the Python professionals around the globe keep updating the system. The Python libraries which are available today, work perfectly to serve the needs of a data scientist.

All these reasons have worked in tandem to make Python a favourite among startups that want to achieve something great but have to mind the budget.

The top competitor

 The most used programming languages for analytics purposes are R, Python and SAS. Among these SAS had been the most reliable platform for most sizable enterprises. Then we have seen the rise of R as the fan favorite for its open source nature and the ease with which data science algorithms can be written with it. Python has had a rather late entry in the competition, as late as 2014. Now, the analytics fraternity is totally impressed with Python. It is not only the most preferred data science platform but also among the top three general purpose coding languages. 

Why should you learn Python

Python data science skills can help you get ahead in the competition among your peers. It is a good tool to use for Machine Learning algorithms. It can be used for Natural Language Processing. The best in the world are actively using Python. YouTube, for example, is essentially dependent on Python. The startups are embracing Python data science. It is a global favorite among enterprises and coders alike. So, there are ample reasons for you to learn Python. But, from a very personal point of view, one can say Python is fun because it offers something more than just technical proficiency – it allows a lot of creative freedom.

The market is really out of supply of reliable Python professionals. Get your training and go for it.


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