Professional Year Program: Why Enroll For Professional Year Program?

Professional year program
Professional year program

A professional year program, also called Professional Development Program, is a hand on objective training courses structured for international students. This is a combination of formal education and workstation learning.

It has been structured to offered overseas graduates of Australian universities the professionalism and knowledge required to kick off their careers. To provide employment paths from a study in Australia, this program includes training and internship placement.

At present, the professional year program is run for those students who have accomplished their studies in IT, accounting or engineering (minimum 2 years) from Australian universities. In today world everyone needs skilled and well graduates in IT, accounting and engineering industry.

In these Professional programs, graduates are provided with good faculty and updated education according to their chosen programs. This provision gives them the opportunity to convert their theoretical knowledge into practical practice and get the chance to gain experience in their relative areas.

Document Required for Professional Year Program 

  • Application letter
  • A recognized hardcopy of passport and Present visa place.
  • Recognized IELTS Certificate
  • Recognized hardcopy of education credentials
  • CV
  • Professional evaluation from similar evaluation bodies.

The Competition is being done while obtaining an employment in Australia, the professional year program advance professional and capabilities to approve the encounter in the current job market within the candidate.

Therefore, DIBP presented a professional year program to aid overseas students to adapt to Australian job market and gain hands-on experts in the area so that they are searching to advance their skilled profession.

Overseas learners have accomplished their degree in computer science, engineering, or accounting from the Australian University. In addition, the student will have to take a professional-graduate (temporary) visa (subclass 485), after completion of the next course which permits an overseas student residence in Australia for 18 months.

In order to qualify for the visa, the candidate is less than 50 years of age, has fulfilled qualifying education in six months and possesses the expertize and education needed for a skilled business listing.¬† To qualify for the professional year’s program, the Applicants should have a least score of 6.0 with individual band 6.0 in IELTS.

The Professional year Program Consist of:

  • Professional field Based knowledge
  • Teaches of CV Preparation and interview expertize.
  • 12 weeks Expert workshop.
  • Develop professional contact and experiment with Australian job training.

There are many benefits to completing business year programs. Such as:

  • Through the International Students workshop courses, you can grasp hand-on training and employment knowledge in the Australian industry.
  • The overseas learner will be aware of Australian workstation.
  • The overseas learner can advance a lot of expertize of experience by employing in the live workstation.
  • It adds an additional value to the Resume.
  • Professional year helps in obtaining credentials.
  • Development of networking with associate and other professional skills.
  • While applying for a skilled independent (subclass 18) visa, the Immigration and Customs Department (DIBP) is eligible to get five additional points.

After Professional year program, the probability of getting employment possibility and permanent residence visas expands.For make your future bright, we give way to reach your goal.


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