How Valuable is OCA Certification in Oracle?

OCA certification
OCA certification

If you are considering to develop your career in Oracle or Java, then certainly having an OCA certification in your skill set will help in ensuring people that you have the desired firm grip on PL/SQL. Apart from it, the certification can act like a rock-solid starting stone for one’s career.

The value of the certification is to move ahead in the future and thus investing in one will be a beneficial step for IT professionals. Take a look at the points which clearly reflect the value of the certification along with the reasons why one should get an Oracle certification for them.

  1. Provides many job opportunities: The real value of earning an OCA certification is that it certainly helps find more and better job opportunities. It has been observed that an individual with a certification tends to get a better job than an individual without a certification. It helps in the become a successful Oracle professional with many job opportunities at the entry level. The certification acts as an earned badge for the credibility of the IT industry and for the desired workforce.
  2. Higher salary: Oracle certified professionals are one of the highest paid IT employers. Once an individual has completed the certification, it opens doors to better jobs. The recent analysis, on an average, has suggested that the individuals with an oracle certification gets 10-20 times more salary than the ones with no certification.

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3. Distinguished identity: One can easily understand the value of having a certification by knowing the fact that it helps in providing a distinguished identity to the person. It serves as an added advantage to the individual over his competitors assuring the fact that you have certain needed skills for sure.

4. Better job security: With a certification of Oracle, the individuals get a better security of their job. The individuals with this certification are much more compatible with the growing technologies in the Oracle field rather than other individuals with no such certifications. The easy adaption of the individuals with the emerging technologies helps them perform brilliantly at the workplace and as a result, deliver them a better job security.

5. Entry gate for higher certifications: OCA is the basic level of certification and having one will help you secure other higher certifications in the future. If you want to pursue other higher levels of Oracle certification like OCP, Oracle Certified RAC specialist, Oracle Certified GoldenGate Expert, etc. then having a certification of OCA is a must for that. You must clear both the IZO -051 and IZO-052 examinations for pursuing OCP certification.

6. Polishing the IT skills: Although having a certification does not guarantee that you end up getting a job but it will positively provide you with many interviews. Further, having a certification of OCA will help the individual polish and upgrade his skills concerning the desired job responsibilities. The certification will also help in boosting the individual’s IT skills by providing advanced knowledge about the latest growing technological needs in the Oracle working environment.

Oracle certification is certainly the best value investment for IT professionals. Besides, helping the people in understanding the desired knowledge, it helps the person to get a recognized identification in the industry. Join institutes like Koenig solutions for getting the right help in achieving this valuable certification in Oracle.


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