E-Learning and Why it is Important


In the increasingly technology driven world of today, e-learning has come to the forefront. Very simply defined, it is any sort of training that is provided through a computer or any other digital device. It facilitates learning, anywhere and anytime, by making proper use of the available technology. The uses of e-learning are prevalent in a wide range of industries from healthcare to finance to even retail. It can be used to provide training from systems to compliance to manufacturing and even technical, with the application of technology to make possible various social elements, personalization, gamification and simulations while providing the required education. Therefore, educational content development has become a rising need as well.

Benefits of E-learning

There are various advantages to be earned by using e-learning in a company. Whether used on its own or as an enhancer for the available in-house training, it is extremely effective. Some of the main benefits to be gained are as follows:

  • Cost Effective and Saves Time

Online learning helps in reducing the various overhead costs that would have been present otherwise due to the need for printed materials and travel as well as time away from the office. It increases workplace productivity as well, giving you a happier and focused workforce.

  • Facilitation of Learning Anywhere and at Any Time

Unlike the other training programs that operate only within office hours, the staff can be given the freedom to complete their courses on their own schedule. This minimises the disruptions to the general work schedule followed within the company.

  • Easier Tracking of Course Progress

E-learning also allows for the use of a Learning Management System(LMS) that makes it easy to track and maintain progress. In various courses where there is a requirement of proof of mandatory training, this proves to be especially useful since progress can be tracked and proven by any staff using the platform.

  • More Discreet

Many people prefer to learn on their own to avoid the problems and embarrassment caused if they are slow learners or find something their other co-workers have no problem with, a bit difficult to understand. E-learning gives every individual the freedom to learn at their own pace with modules crafted to ensure that everyone understands each specific module completely before continuing on. 

Technology and ELearning Content 

It is the effective use of technology that makes the various existing mobile e learning solutions possible. It provides the platforms to create various apps, videos and search engines as well as integrate a powerful LMS. New code can be used in every stage of creating the content and platform. HTML5 and responsive design play a huge part in making the platform more appealing and easier to use. Videos help in making the content easier to get across and more understandable. It can also greatly help in implementing tools to carry out proper social integration, personalization as well as make sure that support is given just in time to anyone who requires it. There is no doubt that e-learning is the tool to education in the future and effectively used, it is the best possible way forward as well.


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