Why Dehradun is the Emerging Education Hub of North

boarding schools in Dehradun
boarding schools in Dehradun

For every parent, the prime objective when raising their child is to ensure a quality lifestyle, moral values and the most important the quality of education, as education is the base of giving a successful career to your child. Parents put their best efforts to select the best schools for their child so that they can learn and lead a life which gives them the immense happiness in the future. When selecting a school for your child there are few factors those needs to be taken in concern like every child is not the same, hence it is very important to understand that every child has different needs hence before finalising a school for your child first understand the need and interests of your child. Generally under peer reviews we assume that if their child is performing well this will be same for your child too, which is not right all the time;maybe their child is good in studies and your child is active in sports, so rather underestimating your child’s caliber try to invest their energy in what they can do well.

When it comes to education, Dehradun is considered to be the home of some of the top-rated schools across the world, hence in the past few years, Dehradun is rapidly emerging as the education hub of the country. There is a wide range of schools of schools that are running from past so many years, the city has schools of all the boards ICSE, CBSE and state board. The day boarding and boarding schools in Dehradun are running with the prime motive to not just educate the students but also to provide them with the overall knowledge so that student don’t lag behind. Lying at the foothill of the Himalayas the city is popular for its serene and calm environment, the location offers the students the mental relief so that they can focus on studies. The “school capital of India” aka Dehradun is also home to some of the well-known government buildings like ONGC office, Forest Research Institute, Indian Military Academy, in the past few decades Dehradun has emerged as a hub of education be it elementary or higher education in North India. It’s close proximity to Mussoorie makes this place more fascinating and the first choice of parents and students. If we look into the past many well-known writers and artists have emerged from this small city call Dehradun. Earlier the city was known to the world for its schools but in the past few years, the city has seen a rapid rise in the number of India’s finest colleges imparting education in the field of engineering, Medical, Pharmaceuticals, Nursing etc. In the recent survey done by the Higher Education Department, the city has noticed a three-fold growth in the number of Boarding schools in Dehradun and Mussoorie. The school premises are designed in a way that the students can feel homely and comfortable because a healthy lifestyle will always lead to a healthy and refreshed mind, which is mandatory for the growing children.


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