How to Enroll Your Child in the Right Boarding School

boarding school for girls
boarding school for girls

As a parent it is quite a task to find the right boarding school for your child. We have created a step by step guide to help you through the entire process in finding the right boarding school for your junior.

1: Get to know Your Priorities

Collaborate with your child to really identify what you want from the boarding school experience. Ask yourself these basic questions –

  • Do you want a coeducational school or a school which caters to only one gender?
  • What is the maximum amount of money you want to spend on your child’s education?
  • Do you want a school which focuses on something in particular other than education such as music or sports?
  • What board of education do you want the school to be affiliated with?
  • Do you want a school which provides education up to the high school level?
  • Do you want a school which is religious or focuses on the views of a certain religion?

Once you have done your research to answer these questions logically it will be easier for you to find schools which cater to all or most of your requirements.

2: Find the Schools

Go on the internet and start looking for boarding schools which are fulfilling your requirements. Start researching about each of the schools you have shortlisted. Go to their websites and find out their academic offerings, infrastructure, alumni as well as the schools philosophy. Most boarding schools now have video tours of their entire campus so you can have a clear look of what you are getting your child into. You can also read the comments about the schools on their websites if they are available. Then find out the eligibility criteria that you child needs to fulfill to get into the schools along with the admission procedure. Now make a list of the schools which your child can take a shot at.

3: Visit the school

Once you have picked out the best boarding school for girls in Dehradun or boys for that matter, give a visit to the school to get more information and have a closer look at the schools. Now it might sound a lot of effort and waste of time to visit all the schools so what you can do is make your visit during the admission test or interview along with your child. Make sure to have your child prepared well for the interview or admission test.

4: Admission

Once your child has cleared one or more admission tests or interviews, choose the school you likes the most and fulfill the most of your requirements. Make sure to keep your child’s preference in mind while you make that decision. Once you have picked the school, all that is left for you to do is go though final admission procedure, if there is any, and pay for the schooling as per the schools guidelines. Once that is done, start with preparing your child and yourself for the boarding school experience.


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