Is Pursuing A BBA Worth It At All?

BBA course
BBA course

As the college intake period approaches, thousands of students around the world gear up for a new phase in their life. Before they head off to the college of their choice, most students have to make challenging choices. Some decisions they make may not be life altering, while others may have a lasting impact on their life. One decision that has a lasting impact on student’s life is the choice of college degree program they enroll in. It can leave a lasting impact on their career. So one has to be very wise and selective while choosing the college for undergraduate.

In deciding what degree is best suited to their career, students require guidance to help them discern which course best fits their interests and will benefit them in the future. For those considering a business degree, following are the ways in which a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree from IILM will help shape their career path.

All-Around Education:

The BBA program is an undergraduate course that provides students a taste of different factors of business operations. With various subjects such as management, finance, accounting and marketing; BBA graduates bring multiple areas of knowledge and skills to the table. Students of BBA has an ample of opportunities in their future, both in terms of career and further higher education. One can one for career in Accountancy, Finance or Marketing. And they wish to go for a higher education then there are various top notch MBA colleges with a great career ahead.


With this degree students have a variety of career options available to them upon graduation. BBA programs from the undergraduate business school at IILM help students learn real-world skills and teach them how to plan, organize, and direct organizational activities. It makes a student industry ready to face all types of challenges which come across their way and come out with flying colors in their career.


You’ll be surprised to know that the Bachelor of Business Administration has recently been identified as one of the most versatile degrees a student can earn. Employers prefer the solid fundamentals of business and all around perspective the degree provides the students. Additionally, students should make sure they include courses in accounting and finance as that will help them in their job later.


Business degrees, such as a business administration program, rank high for return on investment in the form of higher salaries in the marketplace. Various positions related to the field, such as the ones in finance, accounting, and international business have relatively high entry-level incomes, making it a merit able course in the eyes of prospective students.

Reach the Top:

It is no secret that a business administration degree is the foundation for numerous individuals who eventually reach the highest positions in corporate firms. Many of the top executives at big companies around the world graduate with a BBA course. There is no doubt that higher education and work experience goes a long way, but a BBA is where many start their journey, and one from IILM can be your stepping stone towards your dream job!


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