6 Rookie Mistakes Beginner Book Writers Commit

Beginner Book Writers

If you are good in expressing your thoughts using the words that suites the best, then this talent should not go in the waste. Writing talents are something that is not owned by everyone; neither one would ever be able to create it in themselves on their own. If anyone possesses good writing skills, then it would be best if they showcase their talent by writing the book, but evidently, not everyone is always successful in publishing their book on the first go.

The reason that many writers fail at the beginning of their career is that they make some usual mistakes that are not even known by them. It can be said that these blunders are made unconsciously by the beginner writers, but there is always some help that can very aid to rectify the mistakes in the second attempt.

Many writers, after facing the failure with their first book, either give up or hire professional book writing agencies like BookwritingINC to get help from their professional book writers or ghostwriters to get their book published. Some of the common blunders are listed below, which can be corrected if the writers or authors understand them well.

  1. Start Writing Without Settling the Time limit

Most of the beginner book writers commit this mistake that they start writing the book and does not set the deadline for completing it. Making a proper schedule and establishing a deadline helps the writer to get motivated from time-to-time.

  1. Start Writing Without Setting the Goals

Goals are needed to be set in the beginning and in fact, before start writing the book. Most of the beginner book writers do not even plan what the book will do once it is published. They do not even make the strategy that who will be the audience and which market it has to hit so that the storyline could be proper and relevant.

  1. Writing Without Groundwork or Preparation

No matter if you are writing the fiction book or a non-fiction book, research is very important, and a writer should be prepared about the script that he is going to write. Without the firm knowledge and essential details, there will be a lot of confusion in the book, which will appear later like a puzzle to the audience.

  1. Creating Characters As the Story Goes

Every professional writer is aware of the fact, or one can say a trick that characters are needed to be created in the beginning only. The most common mistake that beginner book writer makes is that they keep on forging new characters while writing the book, which ultimately causes them to stray from their storyline.

  1. Not Hiring a Professional Editor & Edit While Writing the Book

Writing a book itself is a very hectic job if done at a time, and tagging along with another task of editing the book, only going to add burden for the writers. It would be a better option if the writers would only focus on writing the book and leave the editing alone. It would be best even if they will hire a professional editor and not try to do it on their own in order to maintain the quality of the book so that the readers would adore it. Editing the book on your own might left some loose ends that a professional editor might tie if the editing will be done by them. Also, it is more beneficial to read the book with a different perspective to rectify the errors in the storyline.

  1. Taking Long Breaks While Writing the Book

Another huge mistake of the rookie book writers is that they take a long pause or break while writing the book. It is understood that break is needed to get a fresh perspective and refresh the mind, but it would be a big blunder to take a long break, or more than what is required. It only causes them to get drifted from their work and leave the book alone for years without even completing it. So it would be best to keep the breaks short to keep the enthusiasm and interest alive in order to write the book.


For anyone who desires to publish a book that gets recognition from the locals and in the international market after a while, then it would be best if they will avoid making the blunders that are mentioned above. After observing the patterns of the mistakes repeated by the writers that were causing them the failure, it has been concluded that writers could do a lot better if they would take a hint and stop committing rookie mistakes.

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