5 Things You Need To Know For Hiring A Fiction Ghostwriter

Fiction Ghostwriter

Ghostwriting is truly one of the most amazing fields for writers who have the ability to write anything using the voice of another person and carry their tone so perfectly that the readers never even doubt that the same author did not write the book or novel. With the ghostwriting career, many talented writers have found the opportunity to set up their career easily.

Where there are talented people serving the best for the people who look out for the ghostwriting services, there are amateur and rookie ghostwriters also present who either seek for the part-time job, or they want to try something new or practice their skills. The drawback of hiring a non-professional ghostwriter for writing an important and worthy fiction book is that they might not be able to furnish the quality work. For such reasons, it is highly important that you should hire a professional for taking the fiction ghostwriting services.

For the ease of hiring a fiction ghostwriter, some helpful points are discussed below, that might help you hire the right person for getting help with your fiction book.

  1. Make Sure The Ghostwriter Knows the Difference Between Fiction & Non-Fiction Writing

A professional writer or the one who has the right knowledge about writing would definitely know how fiction writing differs from non-fiction writing, and which writing style is mandatory to follow while writing the fiction novel. Above that, you should also have a clear idea that fiction is comprised of entirely fabricated stories, whereas non-fiction encompassed the facts and truths.

  1. Learn About Their Experience

As it is important that only a professional ghostwriter should be working on the novel in order to attain the quality work; it is imperative that you should know about the work experience and span the ghostwriter has spent in this career. Although it is true that the professional and experienced ghostwriters will charge extra money, but the quality will be guaranteed.

  1. Always Ask to Have a Look At Their Portfolio

It is believed by most of the people that ghostwriters do not maintain a proper portfolio because they are almost never allowed to share the other client’s work. People need to understand that this is not the case every time, as many clients allow the ghostwriters to share a specific portion of the work as a part of their sample work. Also, if the ghostwriter is professional and experienced, then they might have done some work on their own that they can display as their sample work.

  1. Learn How Many Fiction Genres Can They Work On

Many writers, after picking the domain that whether they are good in non-fiction or fiction writing, subsequently selects the sub-domain as well. It is not necessary that a fiction ghostwriter might be able to cover all the fiction genres, so it would be best to know if they are capable of doing the work for you or writing on the genre you wish for.

  1. Do Not Forget to Check Their Sample Contract

One thing that should be clear to everyone who wants to take the ghostwriting services is that a professional ghostwriter always carries a sample contract with hem, and it is highly important that you should check and verify all the clause so that there would not be any inconvenience later on. Read everything in the agreement thoroughly and if you feel that any point is unreasonable, then talk to the ghostwriter about that and convince them to make a change in that beforehand.


In order to attain quality fiction work, it is essential that you should hire someone that has the right knowledge and good experience in the fiction writing domain, and has the ability to do the job right. Hiring a fiction ghostwriter for your book is indeed a great responsibility, which is why you need to double sure whether you are appointing the right person or not.

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