The Role & Responsibilities of the Chief Learning Officer


Capability development has become a top priority for employers in today’s aggressively competitive business environment. For organizations to grow, it is essential for them to motivate & support their employees in developing their proficiencies at an individual, divisional as well as organizational level.

With the business world moving at a high pace & the enhanced competition in the labor market has made learning an important aspect of a professional’s life. It is not only the companies that wish to keep their employees engaged through their learning & development initiatives but today’s working people themselves look for solid learning opportunities as well in the quest of a fast career growth.

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As a result, many organizations are elevating their focus on upgrading the knowledge & skills of their employees by introducing a brand new position referred to as the Chief Learning Officer. They have given their CLOs the responsibility of leading them in their journey of providing great learning opportunities to their staff members.

This is how Chief Learning Officers are bringing alterations to their organizations:

  1. Align with the vision of the business: Now those times have passed when CLOs were not given much power and were and were only expected to manage the learning & development programs for the employees.

In the current scenario, CLOs are not only required to enhance employee performance but align their learning & development initiatives with the objectives of the firm. A chief learning officer is given an immense amount of importance at the strategy table and is held responsible towards the revenues, employee experiences, customer satisfaction levels, and the comprehensive productivity of the company.

  1. Create a learning vision: The learning and development activities carried out by a CLO do not prove to be that effectual if they are not in sync with the company goals. So, it is a crucial task in the hands of a Chief Learning Officer to build a learning vision based on the objectives of the organization.

The learning vision should be constructed while keeping the company’s human capital into consideration as employees are the most valuable asset of any organization. Moreover, the members of the workforce should be given the time & guidance to get familiar with this newly developed learning vision.

  1. Promote a growth mindset: Growth is something that is insuperable from learning, so, it is essential of a CLO to look for people possessing a growth mindset. It is because such people are comfortable in taking risks and trying out new ideas.

Change is something that is unavoidable at the time of learning and CLOs search for employees who can embrace ambiguity.

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  1. Maintain a mindset of a start-up: An able Chief Learning Officer should run his or her department like a start-up where the production of new ideas is encouraged. They should give the freedom to their team members to make mistakes & learn from those mistakes. Encouraging the employees to be innovative is the most valuable thing a Chief Learning Officer can do.


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