What All You Need To Know About The Free Bulk SMS Service Provider In India

Bulk SMS services

Bulk SMS services

Bulk SMS or messaging services generally used for sharing information, alerts, warnings through messages with large no of people in a very short time. With the rising no of mobile users, it becomes easy to send them information within a short time through Bulk SMS services. These messages can be sent from employer to employee, banks to customers, mobile companies to users, government to masses, etc.

The utility of bulk SMS services

In present time these Bulk SMS or messaging service play a significant role in spreading information and warning alerts about coming disaster or calamity. These Bulk SMS delivered on the mobile phone helps the users to prepare themselves as early as possible. Also, the government uses these Bulk SMS services to disseminate the information about new policies and program for poverty elevations and other social infrastructure development. Private companies use these Bulk SMS services to promote their products and services, for participation in environmental campaigns, for entertainment and marketing purposes.

National and international bulk SMS services

Bulk SMS or messages sent to both national and international mobile phones depending on the outreach of the company that provides Bulk SMS services. Generally, SMS regarding branch expansion and launch of new services in the international market are sent to international users. Different types of software are used for sending national and international bulk SMS.

The Procedure for Sending Bulk SMS to all:

For sending bulk SMS software are used, contacts are assembled and selected for sending SMS, with the help of software duplicate and fake contacts are deleted and messages or SMS are sent to the customer on a particular time in a day. These messages are sent on a daily, weekly and monthly basis depending upon the wishes of the contractor or client.

Free bulk SMS service provider in India

In India, there are many companies provide free Bulk SMS services to clients, But their accountability is not defined. The SMS delivery rate of these companies is not up to the mark. Bulk SMS services required some technicality and when they are provided free of cost, sometimes it happens that messages are not delivered on time and not delivered at all.

Other bulk SMS service provider in India                                          

In India, if anyone wants to avail of the service of Bulk SMS service for advertisement and other promoting purposes, they contact the service provider directly or through any mediator. Bulk SMS service provider companies charge different rates for SMS services, depending on the number of contacts on which messages have to be sent. If a person is sending SMS to more members then the charges apply will be less and if there are few receivers then the charges applied will be more. When bulk SMS services are provided by charging amount then if any problem or irregularity occurs then the service provider is held accountable. There is proper redressal mechanism is available where you can complain about any irregularity and it becomes the responsibility of service provider to either pay you back or reform the service.

Hence these are the details regarding the free Bulk SMS service provider in India. We hope you will be satisfied with the information given by us.


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